Pre-Need Frequently Asked Questions

We have heard thousands of questions regarding Pre-Arrangements. We have chosen to provide you with the answers to some of the more common questions relating to a pre-planning a funeral.

Why pre-arrange a funeral?

Because it offers many advantages, on many levels. On one hand, it eases the emotional strain on family members that are left behind. Pre-arrangement allows your family to continue their mourning process without the burden of having to make difficult—though critical—decisions during their time of grief. It also offers them the peace of mind that comes from knowing your wishes will be respected. On the other hand, there are equally important financial considerations, an ever-mounting source of concern for families everywhere.

- What is Tradition & Trust?It's a qualified program that provides for every detail of your funeral in advance. One of our Tradition & Trust licensed planning counselors will provide expert guidance through the many funeral options available and develop a document that reflects your precise choices. You can make as many or as few preparations as you deem necessary. And you are backed by a full service, Tradition & Trust Pre-Arrangement center in your area.    - What sort of details need to be taken care of?At Tradition & Trust Pre-Arrangement Centers, we believe every funeral service is unique. By pre-planning, you make the personal choices: Will there be a burial or cremation? What choice of clergy do you prefer and what kind of music should accompany the service? Which visitation hours are most appropriate to accommodate relatives and friends? What casket style (for burial services) do you prefer? The program can provide that notice be given to fraternal organizations, church groups and other membership organizations. Preparation can also be made for memorial gifts or charities of the person's choosing.

- Are there any financial advantages?Certainly. Aside from the practical and emotional benefits of owning A Tradition & Trust Pre-Arrangement, there are a host of sound financial advantages. Savings can be achieved by placing your funds in a fully protected and approved trust Bank account. This means that they will earn better interest and will be able to outpace the inflation rate. In other words, funds will be available to meet the future retail price of the goods and services you select.

- What payment options does The Tradition & Trust Pre-Arrangement offer?A wide range, from full pre-payment to no-payment options. Our licensed counselors can help you find the single or multiple payment plan that best suits your needs. If you opt for a no-payment plan, your wishes and vital statistics will be recorded and maintained in a permanent file.

- What if I have to apply for Medicaid, or enter a Hospice setting or Nursing Home?Today, Federal and State* laws encourage individuals pending approval for Medicaid, applying for Social Security, or entering a Hospice or Nursing Home to completely pay for the funeral of their choice. More importantly, these funds are exempt as resources when determining Medicaid eligibility.

- How do I start planning?With one simple phone call. One of our licensed funeral planning professionals will start gathering information and start answering your questions, even some you might not have foreseen.